Parvati Statue

Love, dévotion and fertility


Everything in this magnificent sculpture of Parvati expresses Grace, simplicity, interiority: the general posture, the absence of attributes and symbols. More...

Height : 11.81'

Weight : 5.51 lbs

Sacred Art

lost wax casting - copper alloy

Origin : Delhi - India

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Parvati, represents feminine energy (she is the shakti of Shiva), love and devotion, fertility, family values. Parvati in the Hindu pantheon is the Shiva's wife and the mother of Ganesh and Skanda.


Parvati is in love with Shiva from her early age, but he refuses marriage, She withdraws and chooses a life of renunciation in the forest. Touched by the strength and purity of his devotion, Shiva decides to test Parvati's feelings and goes to her hermitage disguised as an ascetic. Convinced, Shiva will marry Parvati.

Parvati in her different aspects appears in many forms, sometimes terrible: Maheswari - Durga - Bhairavi - Kali ...

This statuette of Parvati, in a benevolent form, symbolizes: peace - inner strength - simplicity - sobriety - detachment.

Posture Standing - slightly bent - weight resting on one leg - Abhanga: posture for reflection, internalization.

Gestures Right arm/elbow folded by hand with thumb and index finger joining to form a circle - Kataka: it is an invitation to an offering of flowers.

Left arm : along the body - hand with fingers pointing towards the ground: relaxation.

Base : the gods never touch the ground: the earth is the domain of beings of flesh and blood.

Lotus base: Padmapitha - the lotus symbolizes the maternal breast (origin of life), wisdom: the knowledge that leads to enlightenment, purity (and therefore the transformation that allows the expression of beauty in a marshy environment), peace.

Headgear Crown in tiara shape: Kiritamukuta - symbol of royalty.

Clothing Sacred cord (yajnopavita) - single belt - no bust bands.

Jewelry Very discreet: necklaces and bracelets.

Attributes Discs or wheels of fire: symbol of light and sun which brings knowledge and the destruction of ignorance - of the mind.

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