Indra Statue

King of the Vedic gods


This rare statue of Indra shows us the King of the Gods in a graceful, peaceful form, full of wisdom and in an attitude of deep interiority. More...

Height : 9.64'

Weight : 5.45 lbs

Sacred Art


Origin : Dehli - India

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Indra is the king, the most important of the gods; such is the teaching. His strength and energy are without measure; he is endowed with vigor, his brilliance is infinite." Mahabharata.

Indra, in the Vedic times preceding the more recent Hinduism, is the king of the Gods alongside Mitra and Varuna (god of the oceans).

He is an active, combative, warrior God (Kshatrya caste). He also symbolizes the God of rain, storm, lightning (Vajra) which are his two favorite weapons (beneficial in particular to fight the dragon Vritra who held the waters prisoner in his rings but also feared because it is the fire of space which can cause fires...).

Then it is associated with fertility because he brings the beneficial water which gives life. Originally he is the demiurge god without whom the world could not be.

His mount is the elephant, a majestic animal if ever there was one, imposing without a real enemy often represented with 3 trunks.

In this statue Indra is represented in a benevolent form, full of wisdom, deeply internalized.

Posture Indra in Rajalilasana: seated, the right leg is nonchalantly folded (such as the lotus position) over the left one, which rests on the ground. On the bent knee, his arm rests in perfect relaxation. It is the relaxed position par excellence, of "royal ease".

The posture is graceful, suggesting both balance and movement. Indra is represented without attributes, notably those usually associated with his power: Vajra, the thunderbolt and the sword.

The head is slightly bowed, in a position of recollection, he is almost bare, close to his primordial form.

Jewelry Well-endowed, Indra wears a magnificent necklace, bracelets (arm and ankle), chiseled earrings.

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