The dancer

Grace and elegance


This statuette represents a Bharata Natyam dancer. The posture suggests at the same time balance, stability and perpetual movement that animates life. More...

Height : 12,4'

Weight : 6.59 lbs

Sacred Art

Lost wax casting - copper alloy

Origin : Delhi - India

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This dance, this movement suggests at the same time, balance, stability and the perpetual movement which animates life.

Dancing in India

Dance is of paramount importance in India, it is a noble art, the creative art par excellence, and traces of it can be found in the Sanskrit treaties of more than 2000 years ago. Today there are six forms of traditional dance : bharata natyam, kathak, kathakali, manipuri, kuchipudi, odissi. But dance is also very present in the villages during religious, folk or civil festivals and of course in movies !

Classical dance is intimately linked to the sacred : it is a way of transmitting the Vedas, the religious teachings to the greatest number. All the dancers's gestures are therefore extremely codified and have a specific message. Learning is long and difficult.

Posture Standing - slightly bent - weight resting on one leg. The left leg, folded, is held by the left arm at the ankle.
The posture is graceful, suggesting both balance and movement.

Hairstyle Typical, hair raised in a bun (keshabanda) and garnished with some discreet jewelry.

Parure The dancer is simply dressed in pants richly decorated with multiple strips of fabric as well as a wide belt whose sides twirl on each side. Two brassieres also highlight the dance movement. The whole is finely chiseled with great details.

Jewelry Richly endowed, this dancer wears many necklaces, bracelets (arms and ankles), earrings and finely chiseled headdress.

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