Tara the green Statue

The Protection


This statue of Tara, in Tibetan style, exudes both strength (by the firmness of the features) and a great peace rendered by the harmony, the balance of proportions. More...

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Sacred Art


Origin : Dehli - India

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Tara is a deity from both Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. Its first figurations date back to the 6th century and it spread in Tibet during the 10th century.

Its name means "The one who makes you cross to the other bank", that is to say the one who makes you cross, who accompanies you on the way. It also means "The liberator", "The star", the one who guides.

According to the legend, she practiced intensely for many years (millions of years) and when monks told her that she should pray to be reborn in the next life in the body of a man, more conducive to awakening, she decided to work for all women.

She is thus very strongly venerated and plays a primordial role in Tantrism where she symbolizes feminine compassion: however in the many forms she takes (there are 21 or more), some are angry.

The best known are Tara the white and the green one.

Tara the green represents compassion but also protection against fears, she is called upon to face great dangers, great interior sufferings. It also symbolizes hope (the color green).

This statue of Tara symbolizes : the protection

The chiselling work is perfectly done: the artist has particularly succeeded in finishing the hair and the headdress.
The style is Tibetan, the facial expression is both serene and deeply internalized (eyes half closed).

This statue of Tara exudes both strength (by the firmness of the features) and a great peace rendered by the harmony, the balance of proportions.

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