Shiva Nataraja Statue

The cosmic dancer


In this form, which is of the purest Chola style - South India (9° to 13° A.D.), Shiva is represented as a cosmic dancer: what is emphasized in this aspect is movement. More...

Height : 6.69'

Weight : 1,59 lbs

Sacred Art


Origin : Dehli - India

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Posture: Shiva Nataraja is represented standing dancing: this dance represents movement, perpetual renewal.

Gestures : right arm and bent elbow holding the Damaru (drum) : the sound of the damaru represents the primordial sound, the one that generates a new beginning but also the rhythmic impulse of the universe in opposition to the left hand that deploys the fire that destroys and renews.

These two symbols placed in opposition underline the incessant movement of creation/destruction that constantly animates life.

The second right arm, elbow bent with the hand makes the gesture of protection (shrishti), of the absence of fear.

The right foot of Shiva crushes the dwarf Apasmâra who represents ignorance and oblivion (of our true nature), the raised left foot represents refuge from the turmoils of the world (in connection with Shrishti of the hand) and grace.

Face and hairstyle: The face is serene, immutable in the midst of this whirlwind, it symbolizes peace in the midst of turmoil, our divine nature not subject to the vagaries of existence. The high bun symbolizes the divine nature of Shiva.

Clothing: Shiva wears the sacred cord (yajnopavita) - he is only dressed with a loincloth symbolizing movement. Shiva is often depicted naked or simply dressed in animal skin: the message conveyed is the necessary stripping of the spiritual seeker who embarks on the path of discovery of his true nature.

Attributes and weapons: the wheel of fire or wheel of the universe (birth/destruction). It is one more symbolic image: to be free, we must cross the circle of flames, that is to say, burn the inner obstacles that prevent us from seeing our true nature that is already present. It is a powerful symbol of inner purification.

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