Shiva Head

The scary one


Beautiful sculpture representing the head of Bhairava: the apparent bonhomie of the face in fact hides Shiva under his most terrifying and wrathful aspect! More...

Height : 7,28'

Weight : 5.73 lbs

Sacred Art

Lost wax casting - copper alloy

Origin : Dehli - India

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Shiva is one of the three gods of trimurti with Brahma and Vishnu: he represents the destroyer but also the regenerator, the liberator, the beneficial. He is the One without whom nothing can be reborn, the One who allows the death-birth cycle, the One who allows the return to the unmanifest.

One of the stories of Bhairava

Shiva has more than 1000 names as well as many forms: Shambhu the beneficent, Rudra, the howler- Shiva is represented here in its most terrifying form: Bhairava. In the myths, Brahma, at the origin of all forms, created Saraswati, goddess of the arts, of Knowledge and of the Word, who symbolizes her Shakti, her feminine part, her creative energy. Brahma fell in love with his creation (sin of incest), Saraswati tried to escape from him in all directions but Brahma created each time a new head: right, left, behind him. Saraswati, taking refuge in the heavens, Brahma created a fifth head. Shiva who meditated was greatly disturbed, got into a mad anger and cut it off with a sword (or a nail stroke ...). Shiva wandered for years before reaching Varanasi to atone for the most impure act in India: the murder of a Brahmin.

This statue symbolizes: the wrath.

Bhairava is easily identifiable in the third eye which represents the incandescent fire of consciousness which destroys all illusions, the ignorance that keeps us in identification with the ego. His eyes are exorbitant, symbol of his wrath. His ears are adorned with a cobra, a symbol of regeneration and latent energy (Shakti) that lies dormant within us, available for our transformation.

In India, Bhairava is generally invoked to seek protection and strength in the face of adversity, difficult circumstances or to overcome addictions.

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« I have just acquired a real masterpiece of tribal art "The pregnant woman with her baby". The statue moved me, you can feel the hand of the artist, the emotion that emanates from this woman.

Bertrand Bellaize is a passionate gallery owner who gave me lots of advice and explanations. I can only recommend! » (Martine M)
« I have just received the Kubera statuette: thank you very much, it is very beautiful!

Thank you for the care you have taken in the packaging and in the presentation of the work of the families who create these statuettes, for the historical context of this art. » (Stephane M)
« Excellent site. Everything went well again for this second order. » (Eric D.)

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