Saraswati Statue

Mother of the world


Statue of Saraswati, in a lalitâsana position, playing the lute: she embodies serenity, wisdom, knowledge. Inspirer and creator of the world with Brahma. More...

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Sacred Art


Origin : Dehli - India

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Saraswati, the Shakti of Brahma, represents its active principle, the creative energy that manifests itself. She is at the same time his daughter, his wife and just like Brahma, she is honored as the progenitor, the one by whom everything is created, everything happens. She embodies the Absolute as much as Brahma.

It is she who transmits the Vedas to men (on this occasion called Vedamâta, the mother of the Vedas).
She thus represents wisdom, intelligence and knowledge. She illuminates, she is the light that drives away the darkness that materializes through ignorance.
From her role in the genesis of the world came her place as the mother of the arts: poets, writers, musicians... honor and venerate her.
She embodies harmony, temperance, a form of gentleness and peace. She evokes refinement.

This statuette of Saraswati evokes : the goddess of arts and creation

Under the image of a very beautiful woman, Saraswati is represented soberly dressed, her face is imbued with softness and serenity.

Posture Sitting, in the so-called Lalitâsana posture with the left leg hanging down: position of serenity.
She is framed by a richly carved arch (which indicates and reinforces her divine stature), adorned at the base by two lions and surmounted, at the pinnacle, by the symbol Mahakala, master of time.

Gestures Saraswati plays the lute, her favorite instrument: Vina provides harmony when it is played by a deity. It is the creative sound, it allows the faithful to remember their essential nature, the absolute.

The two other arms hold her main attributes: the book of the Vedas and the rosary.

Headgear Tiara crown: Kiritamukuta, symbol of royalty.

Her neck is adorned with the Disc or wheel: the Chakra has many meanings and symbols: round, circle, sun: it can be represented as a disc, a wheel with spokes ... The wheel represents the cycle of birth and death which is an integral part of life and marks the continuous change.

The Chakra also symbolizes the sun, the light, the fire that allows us to destroy ignorance, to see pure reality: thus the gods use it as a weapon to destroy the demons that are an archetype of our false beliefs, of the mind.

Jewels Magnificent necklaces, earrings and bracelets enhance her refined appearance, grace and beauty.


The book (left hand): Pustaka symbolizes knowledge, especially that of the Vedas but also creation because the Word precedes the manifestation, the creation of the world of forms.

The rosary (right hand): it embodies time. It represents the precariousness of existence, the impermanence of all things.

Mount Saraswati is accompanied by the swan which indicates knowledge and discernment, the ability to separate the good from the bad. Legends indicate that the swan is able to separate milk from water!

Pedestal The gods never touch the ground: the earth is the domain of flesh and blood beings. Double pedestal that enhances the divine dimension of Saraswati.

The lotus: Padma symbolizes purity, beauty, perfection. It is the maternal breast, the matrix from which all things come. It is the seat of the feminine principle, the Shakti.

The lotus gives a flower of all beauty, whereas it comes from a swampy, dark, repulsive environment: it therefore represents the possibility of transformation, of elevation. It is thus the throne of the gods from which they come.

Very finely chiselled Saraswati statue with many details, a very beautiful quality of finishes patiently realized by the artist. It emerges from Saraswati a form of serenity in action, in the art of playing the lute that brings us back to the essential, to the depth.

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