Statue Krishna Venugopala: the flute player

The embodiment of love


Krishna is one of the best known avatars of Vishnu, often depicted as a flute player who seduced the shepherds in the forest of Vrindavan. More...

Height : 12'

Weight : 7.94 lbs

Sacred Art

Lost wax casting - copper alloy

Origin : Delhi - India

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Krishna is the 8 th and the best known of the avatars of Vishnu, he himself is venerated as a god in his own right. He personifies the absolute but above all he is the embodiment of Love, he is the god of Bhakti par excellence.

Story: Krishna child and adolescent

Kamsa, cruel king of Mathura, murdered all of his sister Devakî's children because it was predicted that one of them would kill him. But, in due course, Vishnu allowed Krishna to be born, far from the palace and he spent a happy childhood among the herdsmen. To escape Kamsa, Krishna and his parents took refuge in the Vrindavan forest. Child Krishna is famous for his strength, his malice and his charm. He defeated many demons and Gods. As a teenager, Krishna is known for his talents as a flute player and as a seducer of pretty shepherdesses, the famous Gopî who fell madly in love with him.
Ultimately Krishna killed Kamsa and became king of Dvârkâ.

This statuette symbolizes: Krishna, embodiment of love

Posture Standing, weight resting on the only left leg, the right leg slightly folded with a strong wobble: the Tribhanga posture is very old, we find it from the Mohenjo-Daro period.
This posture, very feminine, symbolizes the union of the two masculine and feminine aspects.

Gestures Krishna plays the flute: the face is perfectly relaxed and internalized, the position of the arms is graceful.

Pedestal The gods never touch the ground: the earth is the domain of beings of flesh and blood.

Lotus base : Padmapitha - the lotus symbolizes the maternal breast (origin of life), wisdom: the knowledge that leads to enlightenment, purity (and therefore the transformation that allows the expression of beauty in a marshy environment), peace.

Headgear Crown in tiara shape: Kiritamukuta - symbol of royalty.

Clothing Krishna is richly dressed: loincloth decorated with multiple strips of fabric as well as a wide belt whose ends twirl on each side. Two brassieres also underline the dance movement as well as a strip of fabric which goes down to his knees. The whole is finely chiseled.
He also wears the sacred cord (yajnopavita).

Jewelry Very numerous jewels: tiara, diadem, earrings, necklaces, bracelets (and Padasara ankle rings).

Attributes Disc or wheel of fire: symbol of light and sun which brings knowledge and the destruction of ignorance - of the mind.

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« Fast shipping and very well packaged. Thank you. I am very satisfied with this murti with neat details and all imbued with spirituality. » (Gérard M)
« Very happy with the gift I gave myself with the statuette of Shiva Nataraj representing the cosmic wheel with his multiple arms. Bertrand Bellaize, through his relationship with Indian artisans, puts us in direct contact with tribal art, far from the international trade organized for mass production. I can savor every day the purity of the delicate gestures of the Shiva and thus open myself to the surge of spirituality that this symbolism offers me. » (Pierre J)
« I, who often did not know what to give as a gift, here is the 3rd statue of Ganesh Art India that I offer in a year, this time a bust of a Bastar woman with an "inaccessible gaze". With joy in many facets: seeing the delighted expression of the person to whom I am giving the gift, allowing a gifted but unknown Indian artist to earn a little better a living and living a simple and perfect transaction with Ganesh Art India. Bertrand Bellaize is a reliable and careful person and his statues are even more beautiful in real life than in photos. » (Eric D.)

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