Garuda Statue

The invincible mount of Vishnu


Remarkable statue of Garuda, the invincible, made by one of the last craftsmen of Himachal Pradesh: beautiful proportions, finesse of chiselling and beautiful patina. More...

Height : 7.48'

Weight : 2.43 lbs

Sacred Art

Lost wax casting

Origin : Himachal Pradesh India - India

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Garuda is the son of Kashyapa and Vinata: Kadru who had had, according to her wishes, a thousand snake children, was however jealous of his sister Vinata, who had however only two, certainly with many qualities. By trickery Kadru succeeded in enslaving his sister, Garuda in spite of his strength could do nothing: he then undertook, to free his mother, to steal the elixir of the Gods, kept by Indra and to give it to Kadru. However Vishnu, warned but understanding in front of the devotion of Garuda towards his mother, proposed him to become his mount.

The mount of a god is always very instructive: the qualities of the mount are representative of those of the deity: strength of Nandi, grace of the swan... and their weaknesses reveal what we must master, the obstacles we must overcome or the instincts we will have to dominate (which the deity has already achieved, which explains the symbiosis with his mount).

This Garuda statuette symbolizes: speed, the ability to move from one world to another .
The eagle represents strength, even ferocity, but above all the ability to move at great speed: it is a solar animal that represents enlightenment. It can give us wings.

Garuda is big, strong, brave: invincible. It is represented in gold color, shining in the sky.

He also symbolizes the wind and the sun.

He is the king of the birds (Kagheshvara).

Position Standing - in a dynamic, fighting posture, bending over, left leg bent forward. Wings are beautifully spread, ready to fly away.

Gestures Right side, arm extended, hand holds a snake. Garuda is then named Sarpârathi, the enemy of snakes because he makes them his only food.

His other hand holds the conch: Panchajanya (Born of the five elements), the deep sound keeps away the demons but above all symbolizes infinity and expansion (the rings start from a point to expand endlessly). It comes from water, at the origin of creation. The sound it produces is considered the primordial sound. The conch is connected to the element of water.

Base The gods never touch the ground: the earth is the domain of beings of flesh and blood.

Headdress Tiara-shaped crown: Kiritamukuta - symbol of royalty.

Clothing sumptuously decorated loincloth, Garuda also wears magnificent necklaces and epaulets, symbolic of the warrior.

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