Buddha medecine lotus

The healing


Statue of the healing Buddha, in lotus position, reminding us to take care of our body, of our thoughts which are guarantors of our physical health. More...

Height : 5,90'

Weight : 1.72 lbs

Sacred Art

Lost wax casting - copper alloy

Origin : Delhi - India

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The Medicine Buddha is a particular representation specific to Mahayana and Tantric Buddhism.

Among Tibetans, the Medicine Buddha is said to be at the origin of the 4 great treaties called "the 4 great tantras of medicine".


It is one of the particular aspects of Buddha that is put forward, that of the healer: healer of physical but also mental ailments because the two are closely linked. The disturbances of the mind leading to more or less significant repercussions on the physical body (imbalance which in the long run leads to a dysfunction of the organs).

The 3 causes are desire/attachment, hatred and ignorance, known as the 3 poisons of the mind.

This statuette symbolizes: healing and preservation of good health.

Style We find the style Tibetan in this Buddha statue. However the very essence of the style dates back to Gupta times with the characteristic hairstyle made of hair curls, the unisha at the top (protrusion on the top of the head resembling a bun) and the elongated ears (see Sarnath Buddha).

Posture Sitting, in the lotus position. The right arm makes the gesture of protection, of the absence of fear: open hand, palm down, fingers pointing towards the ground (Varada Mudra). The folded left arm rests on the right foot, the hand holding a pot containing leaves symbolizing medicinal plants.

Head The third eye symbolizes the fire of knowledge. His eyes are half-closed, the expression is serene, fully internalized. The face is perfectly balanced.

Clothing The tunic of this Buddha is richly decorated with leaves symbolizing medicinal plants.

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« I have just acquired a real masterpiece of tribal art "The pregnant woman with her baby". The statue moved me, you can feel the hand of the artist, the emotion that emanates from this woman.

Bertrand Bellaize is a passionate gallery owner who gave me lots of advice and explanations. I can only recommend! » (Martine M)
« I have just received the Kubera statuette: thank you very much, it is very beautiful!

Thank you for the care you have taken in the packaging and in the presentation of the work of the families who create these statuettes, for the historical context of this art. » (Stephane M)
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