Bastar The King

The peaceful strength


Tribal statue, South India: the king is represented with his traditional weapons, in sumptuous clothes. There is a sovereign beauty emanating from this man. More...

Height : 10.63'

Weight : 1.89 lbs

Tribal Art

Technique de la cire perdue - Alliage cuivreux

Origin : Chattisgarh - India

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Les Bastars

Bastar is a district of South India in the state of Chattisgarh, it was an independent kingdom from the 14 th century until its integration into India in 1948.
The tribal population represents 70% of the population of the Bastar district: the main tribes are the Gonds - the Abhuj Maria and the Bhatras. Most have kept their tradition (culinary arts, clothing, festivals) and their animist religion.
The tribes still live mainly from agriculture and resources drawn from the forest (hunting, medicinal plants, wood ...).

Certain tribes have devoted themselves to brass statuary art for over 4000 years. This art, which is also found in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar ... is called Dokra.

Dokra art

This traditional Indian art has not changed for millennia (more than 4000 years) and the technique used is always that of lost wax: a coarse clay model is made and then covered with wax by the artist who will give it its final form with its details. The whole is again covered with a clay mixture and then heated in an open hearth where a copper alloy will be poured. see Blog.

Objects produced by Dokra artists can be of a usual nature: cup, candle holder ... musical instruments (brass), or artistic such as jewelry, animals: horses, elephants, turtles ..., statues of men and women representing scenes of daily life and Hindu deities adopted by the tribes: Ganesh, Lakshmi ...

Posture Standing, legs and feet do not appear under the richly decorated loincloth, which distinguishes it from ordinary people. The king seems to be armed with his favorite weapons: saber and shield. High frontal band and royal symbol on the front.

The statue is well proportioned, the whole is harmonious. Many jewels (necklaces, pendants, epaulettes, loincloth ornaments) add to his royal nature.

The expression of the face is peaceful, the lines refined. There emerges a sovereign beauty of this man.

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