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Rare representation of Vishnu, the guarantor of balance and the maintenance of life, in the form of Balaji. Superb statue richly decorated with many details. More...

Height : 11.81'

Weight : 9.92 lbs

Sacred Art

Semi wax casting

Origin : Delhi - India

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Balaji is an avatar of Vishnu who is one of the 3 gods of the Trimurti in India: he symbolizes preservation. Vishnu is the god of the middle, one who keeps in balance, maintains life; he is the benevolent protector, the guarantor of order (Dharma).


Venkasteshvara is one of the avatars of Vishnu: one of the human forms that Vishnu takes to descend to earth and help humans in its mission of protecting and helping the world. Venkasteshvara is worshiped in the Tirupati temple on Tirumala hill in Andra Pradesh in southern India: this holy place is the 2nd most visited site in the world after the Vatican, plus 50,000 visitors per day (making it the richest temple in India thanks to donations!). It is said that Vishnu established his abode in this place since the beginning of the era of Kali Yuga (era which corresponds to an era of disorder and ignorance) in the form of a statue of black stone appeared spontaneously.

This statuette symbolizes: Vishnu the Protector

Posture Standing - from the front - in a pillar position, therefore balanced - holding. Wearing his tiara, in a position which reinforces his stature of king in his role of protector. The lower right arm makes the gesture of protection, of the absence of fear.

Head Third eye symbolizes the fire of knowledge. His eyes remain closed because otherwise the power of his gaze would consume the world.

Headgear Crown in tiara shape: Kiritamukuta; symbol of royalty.

Parure Balaji is always richly adorned with flowers of all colors that cover his entire body. In this statue, three garlands are finely carved (above his head, his blow and his hands).

Jewelry Balaji wears many jewels: the crown and numerous necklaces, symbol of wealth and royalty ... In Tirupati, Balaji is adorned with finely chiseled gold, various precious stones: similarly its attributes, the conch shell and the discs are also in gold.

Attributes The conch : at the level of Balaji's left shoulder: represents primordial waters (Vishnu often takes the form of Narayana, the creator, motionless on the primordial ocean where the world arises) and infinity (due to its spiral shape). The disc - wheel: the sun - the fire that fertilizes and illuminates (top right and another one at the bottom of the legs).

These 2 associated attributes allow the emergence, growth and maintenance of the world .

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