Encouraging the discovery of Indian statuary art

Sculpture is a major art form in India which has survived over the centuries by preserving its techniques and diversity of styles.

Bertrand en Plan Rapproché

November 1989, as soon as I had graduated my Master's degree in Management, I set off to discover the Indian subcontinent. This first year of travel will mark the beginning of a long complicity with this immense culture.

Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Gujarat, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakand, Zanskar, Laddack... From North to South, I will love everything: the people, the food, the landscapes and more than all Indian art and its statues.

Promoting Indian tribal art

I choose to go directly to India to get the statues for sale on this site. I meet artists from different regions and ethnic groups, select the pieces that I present to you one by one with care. They are unique sculptures made from the millennial technique of lost wax or with the semi wax technique. Each work requires long hours of work (for some of them from 3 to 6 months) depending on the method of manufacture, style, size, precision of details as well as the patina applied.

Each of these stages can take several days: modeling in clay, making the piece in wax, recovering with several outer layers of clay, casting the brass, demolding and finally manual finishing (chiselling, polishing...).

I devote a particular care to the choice of each of the works present on this site and I am attentive to the quality of the finishes to offer you a wide choice of rare, even unpublished pieces!

Bertrand en Plan Ensemble

Developing quality craftsmanship

Statues judiciously unearthed throughout my peregrinations, from Odisha, to the Himalayas through Chattisgarh districts.

An identity sheet for each statue informs you about its symbolism, its manufacturing technique, its size and its price. My blog posts tell their story and will enrich your own knowledge of India.

My passion for Indian art, gives you the assurance to buy a handcrafted product, in a noble material from a thousand-year-old tradition. Moreover I commit myself to send you your statue as soon as possible and in a protected packaging (UE delivery free).

Today I choose to put my knowledge of Indian statuary art at your disposal :

Bon voyage !

Customer reviews

« I have just acquired a real masterpiece of tribal art "The pregnant woman with her baby". The statue moved me, you can feel the hand of the artist, the emotion that emanates from this woman.

Bertrand Bellaize is a passionate gallery owner who gave me lots of advice and explanations. I can only recommend! » (Martine M)
« I have just received the Kubera statuette: thank you very much, it is very beautiful!

Thank you for the care you have taken in the packaging and in the presentation of the work of the families who create these statuettes, for the historical context of this art. » (Stephane M)
« Excellent site. Everything went well again for this second order. » (Eric D.)

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