Tribal Dokra art: casting and finishing the brass statue
Clay: an essential step for the making of statue in tribal Dokra Art in India
Tribal Dokra Art in India
The statuary art in India
A brief history of art in India 3: medieval period and the Chola Empire
A brief history of art in India 2: The gupta Empire
A brief history of Art in India: the Indus civilization

Customer reviews

« I have just acquired a real masterpiece of tribal art "The pregnant woman with her baby". The statue moved me, you can feel the hand of the artist, the emotion that emanates from this woman.

Bertrand Bellaize is a passionate gallery owner who gave me lots of advice and explanations. I can only recommend! » (Martine M)
« I have just received the Kubera statuette: thank you very much, it is very beautiful!

Thank you for the care you have taken in the packaging and in the presentation of the work of the families who create these statuettes, for the historical context of this art. » (Stephane M)
« Excellent site. Everything went well again for this second order. » (Eric D.)

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